We ask that you review all information available on our website prior to sending in a puppy application. The application is designed for us to review prior to a deposit for a pup in one of our fantastic litters. If you have questions after reviewing our website, please send an email to hello@4leaflabradoodles.com and we would love to share our knowledge of this amazing breed. Our puppy price is $2900, regarless of sex/color. New Mexico tax applies if puppy is picked up in Mew Mexico. 

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Are you committed to spend the necessary time meeting the puppy or dog's needs in exercising, playing, training, feeding, etc.?
Do you plan to spay/neuter your puppy?
Are you willing to take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian at least once a year for annual vaccinations?
Is everyone in your home prepared and comfortable with the presence of a puppy that may jump, nip, chew during the puppy training stages?
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Do you understand that the deposit is non-refundable and payment must be made in full prior to shipping or receiving your puppy?
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