pawTree food id the foundation of good health for your pet.
Comparison of nutrient density of store brand food verses pawTree.
pawTree dog food


If you are a 4Leaf puppy family, you should pre-order your pawTree food (Real Whitefish & Brown Rice Recipe) and we recommend the Gastro Pro Plus for helping puppy during transition from our home to yours. You can use coupon code INTRO4U10 for 10% off up to $100 or INTRO4U20 for 20% off orders over $100.

Puppy Diet & Nutrition

We don’t feel there is one right way to feed a dog. There are multiple factors, including the individual dog and your lifestyle. For some, kibble is the only option due to the convenience factor. For others, pleasure is found in taking the time to research and prepare wholesome, whole raw food meals for their dog.

Please click here for more information on deceptive (but legal!) dog food labeling practices.

For many years we have started our puppies on raw food diets for optimal health and growth and have found pawTree food to be comparable in terms of quality and results while being more convenient and more economical than raw feeding.

Why pawTree

PawTree food is made in the United States and is made with real meat or fish as the first ingredient. It has no artificial colors, preservatives, poultry by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. Don’t be fooled by cheaper dogs foods: Because PawTree is a quality food, dogs don’t eat as much and have less waste to clean up. A good quality food like PawTree ends up being more economical than cheaper foods because you feed less and give your dog better health, which translates to fewer vet bills.

PawTree food is a premium food with a premium price. We feel it’s worth the price to feed the best to our dogs and puppies. We also find value in the food. Because it’s such a high-quality food, we end up feeding about 30 percent less than we do with other foods. We are amazed at how much better our puppies do on PawTree food. On the other end of things, there’s less poop and much less smell to the poop. Plus, we feel that high-quality dog food pays off in the long run in terms of fewer health problems later in life.

pawTree Cost

Some people look at the cost of a bag of PawTree food and think it appears high priced, but a closer look proves otherwise. First, when you go to the website, the regular size price shows up, but if you select the XL bag, then you save almost 30 percent. We have found that we feed 25-50 percent less of PawTree than other kibbles, so there’s additional savings there.

As an example, we fed our large medium/small standard dogs 4 cups of other kibbles per day. They are eating 2-2.5 cups of PawTree and maintaining their weight and condition beautifully, and are very satisfied on that amount since it’s nutritious, quality food and not empty fillers and empty calories. PawTree food costs less than 50 cents per cup. So for this example, we are spending less than a dollar a day for top-quality food.

If you’d like to do your own math, there are about 44 cups in a Regular size bag, 88 cups in a Large bag, and 132 cups in an Extra Large bag. At 1 cup a day, an Extra Large bag will last over 3 months. ($64.99/132 cups = $0.49/cup)

Most of our puppies go home eating 1/4-3/4 cup of food per day, depending on their size; the daily cost for that is about 13 to 38 cents per day.

I'm not here to be average, I am here to be PAWsome!

Certifications & Memberships

We are focused on breeding the best and plan carefully for healthy pups that turn into healthy adults throughout their life! It is important to our program that we stay educated and up-to-date on breed standards and care so that we can pass our knowledge onto you as new multi-generational ALD families.

You can find us on Good Dog where we are credited for excellent health standards and testing.

4-Leaf Labradoodles is committed to providing healthy dogs with good temperaments.

  • Our dogs meet the health screen requirements for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).
  • We use Paw Print Genetics to test our breeding dogs. Both the essential and supplemental panels are run on each dog to identify markers for over 15 diseases. Our dogs are bred to eliminate these markers to ensure we are providing healthy & happy future generations for the Australian Labradoodle breed.

Health Insurance

All of our puppies will go home with free health insurance for 30 days.

Puppy Online School

Train your dog from home with the easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online training program!


” I cannot imagine a more comfortable family to work with, much less their transparency with their desire for their dogs to have a forever home” 

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